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"In the business of changing life"

When we freedive, we look inside ourselves. We discover ourselves as we dive deeper into the ocean. Freediving is a personal journey, and we focus on your individual needs and help you develop as a freediver. We are here to guide you through this beautiful journey. 

Bon voyage.

Train hard, Dream big

I am a traveler, I love exploring the world. It was obvious when I was kayaking in the arctic circle, the next step would be the Pacific ocean. I just did not expect to dive so deep into it. I always loved the water, I have always been a great swimmer and I felt deeply in love with freediving at first sight. For my first dive, I was at the same time so scared and so excited, I got hooked and I never stopped. I am proud today to be certified under three of the highest regarded freediving systems in the world and to be an expert in breathing methods. Freediving changed my life in the best way possible, making me a fitter, stronger person, and gave me the connection with the "now". I looked for everywhere on the blue planet. The ocean showed me that all the answers were actually already inside me.

Anthony's journey

Across the ocean

Jiayin's journey

Like most of the Taiwanese people, I grew up with fear for the ocean. Somehow, without thinking too much at the first place, I ended up living on a sailing boat for a beautiful period of my life. That boat cured my aquaphobia and took me to some of the most wonderful places in the world. Papua New Guinea, Palau, Australia, and the Philippines. The cruising life also gave me the desire to explore under the sea. What could be better than freediving to enjoy the sea?

So I freedive, and it has become a lifetime passion ever since.

Taiwan, next.

"This is what we do, and we do it well."


We met in Bali through freediving and decided to come back to Taiwan and teach people how to freedive, in the best possible way. In 2018, we introduce Apnea Total system to this island. In 2019, we became the first Molchanovs instructors in Taiwan. And we continue to train ourselves every year with top instructors. Now we offer freediving courses under three largest certifying agencies- AIDA, Molchanovs, and Apnea Total. Freediving is our life style, and to teach is to share our passion. We take pride in teaching well.





​No. 199 Shuiyuan Road Taipei City

Youth Park Swimming Pool 1st floor

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